If your vision is to strengthen the already vibrant bond of homeschooling in the Richmond Region by joining families as they teach and train the next generation in the grace and truth of God's Word, 

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Big Announcement for RRHE

As many local support groups and co-ops continue to thrive, serving the community well, the RRHE board recognized that one particular support group, Home School Family Connection, is growing stronger, serving the larger homeschool community with much the same vision and purpose that RRHE did in its heyday. As we’ve prayed and met with the group’s leaders, it has become clear that there is no need for duplicate efforts when HSFC is doing such an outstanding job.

With joy, we’re announcing that it’s time for Richmond Regional Home Educators to fold our services into Home School Family Connection. As one branch of HSFC, we will continue to focus our energies on providing a beautiful graduation ceremony, and continuing to provide leadership for such activities as the annual spelling bee, the local homeschool Beta Club, and to serve families of high school students in new, practical ways. Some things we may offer are a Mentoring for Moms service, a career fair for teens, a day of Teacher Training Workshops, and a Homeschool Family Fair in the summer.
January 2017

It’s a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT for all members of Richmond Regional Home Educators!

First, a bit of history...

About 30 years ago, in Richmond a new home educating community was growing and flourishing. Book fairs, field trips, arts events, sports clubs, park days, spelling and geography bees, parent workshops, support groups, and academic co-ops were popping up all over the metro area. There was even a group of parents who organized a lovely homeschool graduation ceremony every spring.

Someone needed to collect all that information and make it available to support group leaders and individual families. So that’s exactly what the early mission of RRHE was. In those days before the Internet, support groups relied on paper newsletters, typed on a home PC, copied at an office supply store, and then snail-mailed to members’ homes.

For years that system worked well. Then the Internet came along, and RRHE’s newsletter morphed into an online discussion forum, providing a place for groups and individuals to connect and communicate. Many local support groups were starting their own forums, email loops, Yahoo! Groups, and websites. RRHE continued to provide those discussion forums, the high school graduation ceremonies, and an annual book fair for homeschoolers to find the information, activities, and used curriculum they needed.

That brings us to today.

The Nuts & Bolts
As of January 31, 2017 all current RRHE memberships have been transitioned to HSFC.
Your RRHE membership will then become a membership with HSFC, valid until July 31, 2017.
You will have full access to the HSFC website and Facebook page, and their many meetings, clubs, services, and events that HSFC offers to its paid members.
HSFC will contact you about setting up a user account.
Should you wish to continue your HSFC membership after July 31, you must renew it by August 1, 2017.
What if you don't want to transfer? 
For those RRHE members who do not wish their membership to be automatically transferred to HSFC, please contact us immediately!
The Board 

Kathleen Cantwell

Ongoing Services

  1. High School Graduation
    RRHE will continue to provide a High School Graduation Commencement Ceremony each spring, so the webpage will remain active on into the future.
  2. Beta Club
    The RRHE Beta Club will also continue to serve the families in the RVA area.
  3. RRHE on the Web
    The RRHE website and non-graduation Facebook pages will be shut down
Moving Forward
It has been a distinct privilege to serve our home school community through Richmond Regional Home Educators. We are excited to continue to serve you under the banner of Home School Family Connections and the excellent leadership of Craig and Stephanie Konicki.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Pressing onward for the glorious cause of Christ,

Your RRHE Board of Directors,                       
Bob & Kathryn Shanks
Chris & Kathleen Cantwell
Michael & Crickett Brown